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Refuse Seat

Refuse Truck Seat Innovation


The Seat of Choice

The Refuse Seat offers a better comfort choice for waste management professionals. Its key features, such as: air suspension, backrest recline, adjustable air lumbar, and front controls provide exceptional comfort and versatility.


Experience the Convenience of Front Controls

More versatility is provided with the Refuse Seat's front controls. Whether the vehicle is a left-hand of right-hand drive, the front controls are always easily accessible. When used as a passenger or drive seat, the front controls are conveniently located for seat adjustability without console interference. The flexibility of the seat installation position always fleets to easily switch the seat from passenger to the driver location. Dealers can also stock one seat for both left-hand and right-hand vehicles.


Build to Last

The Refuse Seat also gives you a better durability with water and stain repellant trim material on the seat. These protective materials allow you to keep your seat looking newer longer. The HP3 suspension included in all Refuse seats will provide not only an advanced ride to reduce harmful vehicle vibrations but also outlasts the other seats.


Innovative and Superior Design

Compared to the competition which uses pan-frame designs, the Refuse Seat uses a modular design with a tabular frame. Having a modular design allows the user to replace only the components that are necessary, thereby reducing overall maintenance costs.

The Refuse Seat's tabular frame design provides superior comfort over the competition's pan-frame designed seats. The Refuse Seat also has energy absorbing mesh under the seat cushion creaing a longer-lasting and more comfortable ride.

The Refuse Seat offers a personalized level of comfort with its adjustable lumbar support. A greater level of body-confirming range and lower back support is provided versus some of the competition who offers no adjustable lumbar support at all. The adjustable air lumbar creates an unmatched comfort for drivers compared to the industry standard for refuse and recycling vehicle.


For All Common Refuse Trucks

Available in hi-back or mid-back, the Refuse series comes in two back heights to fit your vehicle application. Whichever make and model you have, you can find a seat that meets your needs and comfort demands. You too can benefit from a new National Refuse Seat with the convenience of front controls and premium innovative features.